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#thatfirstfeeling of being tough in the vastness of Sahara desert.

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Autumn 2015 #대한민국 #thatfirstfeeling #worldtravellerglobal #여행스타그램

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#ThatFirstFeeling Thank you Japan! Till next time. Are you a #WorldTravellerGlobal ? You should be.

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I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU . . Of course you can't take that away from me - to wish that I had met you sooner than I actually did. I am thinking of the times I lost because I didn't know you then. I could have been there when you needed someone to lean on. I could have seen all the times you smiled at little things. I could have accompanied you to places you travelled to all by yourself. I could have spent moments talking to you, watching you and falling in love with you more and more. But there must definitely be a reason why I met you just now. Perhaps you wouldn't have even looked at me then. Perhaps you wouldn't have even thought of spending time with me. Perhaps we wouldn't have worked out then no matter how hard we tried. I may not be a strong believer of divinity but I believe in fate or destiny. And I have a very strong feeling that mine has long been intertwined with yours. I have waited all my life for you. I was definitely made for loving you. xxx NORBY . . [[ I wrote this after climbing Mt. BATOLUSONG in Tanay, Rizal where we had to contain our excitement to witness a Sea of Clouds. #ThatFirstFeeling of realizing that you have moved on now and you think that you finally found the one destined for you. It doesn't actually matter how many seas of clouds you'll witness, how many mountains you can climb or how often the sun rises and sets. What matters most is that you appreciate people and the love that they give you. Nothing compares to that feeling. How much more when you feel that when you are travelling.]] #WorldTravellerGlobal . . . #the_PH #huntgram #liveauthentic #livefolk #passionpassport #lastsuspect #communityfirst #excellent_asia #visualsoflife #artofvisuals #wtnadventures #cn_traveltuesdays #iheartPinas #lazadaPH #woogoPH #visitPhilippinesAgain2016 #CebTravels #smilemag #moodygrams #thoughtcatalog #contiki #poetsofinstagram #vsco #vscoph #vscocam #FotografiaUnited #fuivan_20160608 #agameoftones

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"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." -Nelson Mandela I have a great fear of heights; neither do I fancy adventures. But what's life without a little risk? When a friend invites you for a diving experience, you'd probably think of fish, corals, and salt water. How about plane, clouds, and parachute? What...Sky diving? Probably not my thing. But, not everyone gets a chance to jump out of a plane. Scaarrry! With a sigh, I said yes! :) We travelled almost 10 hours to the beautiful island of Bantayan in Cebu. I always wanted to return to Bantayan since I have fond memories of this place when I had, so far, the best snorkeling experience here 7 years ago. Straight to Santa Fe Airport, a group of sky divers welcomed us with big smiles; that actually made me feel more at ease... the calm before the storm! There were four of us scheduled to dive that afternoon and what a thrill, I'll be the last to dive...GRRReat! Every turn takes around 30 to 40 minutes. And what's running through my mind while I see them landing one at a time? I hope they take good pictures in the air! Finally, at 4:30PM, it's my turn! The sky turned a little darker, but hey, I'm gon' have a "sunset dive"! Isn't that a bonus! Butterflies started to fly in my stomach while I ride the plane. I'm wearing my harness, my friends were cheering at the back, amd we're ready to take off. Every feet higher, the air becomes colder but the view becomes better. Islands and ocean at the left. Sun and clouds at the right...precious! At 10,000 feet, I got my signal that we're about to jump. I had a little thought before I stepped my feet out of the plane. A friend once told me, the moment you're most afraid to jump, is the best time for you to jump... so be it! In 1, 2, 3... #ThatFirstFeeling of flying as light as a bird, the clouds touching my face, and facing my greatest fear 10,000 feet high.... PRICELESS!!! After a few seconds, the parachute opened and I had the best 360 degree view of Bantayan Island while the sun bids goodbye. [cont] #WorldTravellerGlobal

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